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13 March 2021:Children’s Palliative Care

Novi Survat Goa conducted an awareness program on ‘Children’s palliative care’ in collaboration with the Department of Social Inclusion and Equal Opportunities, Government College of Arts, Science & Commerce Khandola, Marcela- Goa on the 13th of March, 2021 for the students and faculty of their college.

21 March 2021:World Down Syndrome Day

On the occasion of World Down Syndrome Day on the 21st of March, 2021 Novi Survat Goa conducted a webinar advocating for the rights of children with Down Syndrome. The guest speaker for the webinar was Dr. Rucha S Thorat who is a occupational therapist working in Pune.

08 October 2021:Hats (and Masks) On

On the 8th of October 2021, to celebrate Hats (and Masks) On for Children’s Palliative Care, Novi Survat Goa organized a poster-making competition at the Government college of Arts, Science and Commerce, Khandola, in collaboration with the department of Social Inclusion and Equal Opportunities.


The theme of the event was “Can you make me smile? Fly? Shine like the brightest star in the sky?”.


A total of 25 students participated for the event. 7 members of Novi Survat Goa visited the college to declare the winners and spread awareness about Children’s Palliative Care (CPC). Barbara began by shedding some light upon Hats on for CPC. Following which Dr. Philomena familiarized the students as to what CPC is, and why awareness for the same is necessary. Dr. Megha then shared some knowledge upon the importance of Physiotherapy in Palliative care. Thereafter, our Nurse Sabina informed the students about Home-based care services provided by Novi Survat Goa, and how she as a nurse plays a role in the same. Along with explaining the importance of mental health, Roma also spoke about how a Psychologist plays a role in looking after the emotional and Psychological wellbeing of not only the patient but their family too. Following which Priya imparted knowledge about the power of social and community work along with some personal stories.

After this session, Dr. Philomena distributed the certificates and the prize money to the winning posters. The overall standard of the posters was impressive.

13 November 2021:Children’s Day

On the occasion of children’s day, Novi Survat Goa organized an event on the 13th of November 2021 at Dasya, Porvorim.


14 children along with their parents and siblings joined the celebration. 11 Volunteer students, along with Ms. Vidya Balekai Assistant Professor of Psychology, Government College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Khandola joined us in the celebration.


Dr. Smisha Amogh Parrikar, welcomed the gathering and explained the significance of why we celebrate children’s day in India. Temla, Sabina and Priya welcomed the parents and children by tying friendship bands for the children and their siblings while student volunteers performed a welcome Dance dressed as Doremon and Mickey Mouse. Thereafter, Barbara and Dr. Megha conducted a dance session for the children followed by an art session by Roma. Students of Khandola college got a cake to celebrate the program.


The event ended by gift distribution for the children by Fr Agnelo and members of Lions Club of Mapusa- Mrs. Leticia De Bellchior and M. Clarissa Simoes.


Special Thanks to our Sponsor Lions Club of Mapusa, Dasya for the venue, and students of Khandola for their support and help in having this event.

01 December 2021:World Aids day

On the occasion of World Aids day on the 1st of December, 2021 Novi Survat Goa organized a workshop on ‘Understanding Self’ for adolescents with HIV at Grace Chruch Hall, Margao.


A total of 14 participants attended the session. Barbara introduced the theme for this year which is ‘END INEQUALITIES END AIDS’ .


Priya inaugurated the event with the lighting of the lamp along with the children.


The gathering was then addressed by Dr. Philomena. Mr. Sameer Cuncolkar was the resource person for the workshop.


The agenda for the session was story based motivation, and art-based sensing into emotions and some breathing exercises. The session ended with distribution of lunch packs.

04 December 2021

On 04th of December 2021, Novi Survat Goa, organized a fun evening for Children and adults with disabilities at Dasya, Porvorim with the help of Panjim City Round table 128 as sponsors.


The theme for this year was “ Leadership and Participation of Persons with Disabilities towards an Inclusive, Accessible, and Sustainable Post- COVID 19 World.”


The children were asked to dress up as their favorite characters. They came dressed up as batman, Gandhi ji, doll, bride groom, Radha, etc. Some children spoke a few lines about their characters, while for the rest of them their siblings spoke on their behalf. A beautiful Keyboard performance was given by Dylan from Divya Sadan.


Our guest speakers- Aaron Menezes and family, and Michael Koola and family, inspired everyone by sharing their journey as a person with a disability, and how they have achieved a successful stature in today’s world.

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