What We Do

Physiotherapy Centre

Novi Survat Centre for the physically challenged was set up by Dr.Philomena P. D’Souza on October 19th 2007 to provide holistic services to the physically and multiply challenged children. The centre cares for 18-20 children who are given one-hour individual Physiotherapy sessions on a regular basis at least three times a week. There is a team of three fully trained physiotherapists who are presently working under the guidance of Dr. Megha Deshpande (MPT), Dr. Smisha Parrikar (BPT), Dr. Deepti Shirodkar (BPT) from monday to friday.Speech therapy is provided onc a week on afternoons by a qualified speech therapist.A social worker has recently joined the team on a regular basis.Dental care treatment is provided by the Goa Dental College, Bambolim for children from Novi Survat at the Pedodontia. The staff also includes a driver and a house keeping assistant Free transport is provided from selected pick up and drop points for all registered patients, and patients referred from Sanjay school, Porvorim. The centre is a non-profit organisation and affording patients donate voluntarily whenever able but poor patients are given services free of charge.

Children's Palliative Care

Children’s Palliative Care was initiated in June 2019 under the direction of Dr. Philomena, Paediatrician and Barbara Da Silva, Coordinator and Psychologist (Spl. Clinical Psychology). The aim is to reduce the burden and agony of families having children with life limiting and life threatening conditions. Presently referrals are sent by the department of Paediatrics and Paediatric Neuro Rehab Centre, Goa Medical College, Childline Goa, District Hospitals of North and South Goa, Prateek Menezes Memorial Foundation, Sabrecare, Sethu and Department of Medical Oncology, Goa Medical College . Home visits are mandatory and homecare is ensured wherever necessary. Hospital visits for hospitalised patients, end of life care support and bereavement counselling is provided. Provision of education through home tutors, registration for computer classes, purchase of assistive devices like wheelchairs, consumables like pampers/medications/nutritional supplements and transport allowance for hospital visits. Currently we have enrolled children with relapsed cancer, children with HIV AIDS, inoperable heart disease, Chronic illnesses and children with disabilities. Psycho-social support is being given to children referred by Childline Goa, Asro Tivim and other NGOs